Facts on Internet Risks and Security Threats

In the age of security events emerged from Internet.To grasp the source of information security threats and trends must be taken seriously.
NCHC,security team holds "System Administrator"、"Networking"、"Databases"、"Programming"、"Daigital Forensic" and "Big Data Virtalization" technologies.
For TANet network information security threats for immediate analysis.Many of the team members to actively participate in the operation of international organizations.
Integration of international information security research organization.Grasp the pulse of the world,For information security threats warning issued, in order to reduce information security threats caused by impact with narrow scope, improve information security defense mechanisms.
「FIRST」covers information security threat warning, malware, statistical analysis, and information security vulnerabilities introduced instruments to establish databases in order to digest the information provided different levels, in response to different needs.
Network without borders but need to establish cross-border exchanges and reciprocity pipeline, the current information security threats to national security level has been.
The team will assist the national government and academic research community to establish information security early warning and response centers, covering detection techniques, analytical techniques and information security events for quick response and handling, reduce the incidence of information security.
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Security Alert Signal

According to our judgment, the current overall state of information security, we appear as this alert signal。

Security Data

We calculated the total number of IP attacks 90 days